How to Become a Fashion or Commercial Model?

Becoming a model can be hard or easy, depending on how you approach it and the people you hang out with.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal of becoming a professional fashion or commercial model:

Get an honest evaluation by several respected professionals.

It’s not because your family or co-workers think you’d be a great model. Being the prettiest girl or the prettiest guy in your class doesn’t necessarily make you a great model. It may help, but it won’t persuade a professional agent to sign you. Often, it’s the ugly duckling that the cops drop over to get him or her to sign with them. That is why it is essential to get the opinion of a professional.

You should also get the opinion of more than one agent or scout, as each agent or scout usually specializes in a particular area. Some may only represent editorial (high fashion) models, while others may only represent commercial models, children’s models, plus-size, showroom and fit models, or petite models. Just because one agent can’t represent you doesn’t mean another agent won’t. Getting the opinion of different types of cops or scouts is the best way to find out if you have what it takes to be a model.

Get as much exposure as possible.

The more exposure you gain among agents, scouts, and clients, the more likely you will be successful in finding representation and ultimately booking jobs.

When you first start out, your main exposure will be to the agents and scouts. Why? because they are the ones who have all the customers. They are the ones who are going to promote you and get you booked for jobs.

There are several ways to get familiar with the agents and scouts:

1. Mail your photos to hundreds of agencies. This can be a very costly and time-consuming method. If you add the cost of printing several hundred photos to the cost of envelopes and postage, it can easily add up to hundreds of dollars. Not the best option.

2. Email your photos to agencies: This is quick, but it is often ineffective. Almost all top agencies that post an email address on their website post a generic email that is rarely, if ever, checked. Agencies are so inundated with emails that they have no way of looking through all the emails. Most agents have private email addresses that they only share with other professionals. Unless your photos are emailed directly to an agency by another reputable agent, they are unlikely to be seen.

3. Attend a Modeling Convention: Attending modelling conventions is an excellent way for new models to gain exposure and learn about the industry. However, conventions can be very expensive and out of reach for most people who want to be models.

4. Submit your photos to the agencies through a reputable online scouting service. With the advent of the internet, new models can now submit their photos to hundreds of the world’s top modelling agencies with a click of the mouse. Due to its simplicity and affordability, this has become the go-to for most new models. Most model scouts now use online scouting companies to help them in their search for new models. Having a multitude of aspiring models in one place makes it easier for both the scouts and the models to find each other.

Understand your model market.

Knowing the best market for your particular look is essential to your success. In other words, don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Numerous aspiring models drive themselves crazy trying to become supermodels and getting nowhere. It wasn’t until they were redirected to a market that best suited their appearance that their careers took off.

Editorial (high fashion) models are not the only types of models who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Commercial models are the most common and often have the best and longest-running careers. You can be any age, shape, or size and be a successful commercial model. There are limitless options for commercial models because there are so many different types of jobs that commercial models can perform.

Don’t spend money on expensive photo shoots.

If you’re just starting out, there’s no need to spend money on expensive photo shoots.

All agents and scouts really need to see in the beginning are simple snapshots. They just want to see how you look natural with very little makeup and simple clothes.

If the agents and scouts think you have potential, they may recommend investing in professional photos that match your appearance and the market you’re most suited to. Some agencies even offer to cover the cost of a professional photo shoot, which you can then refund once you start booking modelling jobs.

Here are some tips on taking snapshots for the agents and scouts to view:

  • Photos must be clear and sharp.
  • Add at least one headshot and a full-length shot.
  • Keep makeup to a minimum.
  • Keep hairstyles simple and groomed. Keep your
  • clothes simple and tasteful.
  • Add a bathing suit photo if you feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit.
  • Do not send nude photos.
  • Fancy clothes and makeup are not necessary for children. They should look like regular children.
  • Add any experience or training you have.
  • Do not wear fur in your photos. It’s offensive to some agents and customers, and it’s just wrong.
  • Keep in mind that first impressions are crucial.

Modelling schools are not necessary.

You don’t have to go to a modelling school to become a model. If you have the look the agencies are looking for, taking modelling classes will not make any difference.

Personally, I have nothing against modelling schools, and some of the better ones can be very helpful in teaching balance, style, makeup and hair techniques. I just think they shouldn’t call themselves “modelling schools,” but rather “graduating schools.”

However, it is recommended that aspiring fashion and commercial models enrol in acting workshops whenever possible. Learning the right audition skills and working on set with cameras, etc. will give you an edge over your competition.

If you are looking for a reputable modelling agency to represent you and help you on your way as a professional model, is the right place for you.’s online scouting service allows you to be seen by top modelling agencies from the comfort and privacy of your own home. is safe, secure, and confidential. No need to go to scary auditions or open calls.

All ages, heights, and sizes are welcome. Professional photos are not required (snapshots are fine). No experience is necessary.

With 30 years of experience scouting, managing, and promoting models, the staff can help you find the industry’s most trusted and respected agencies. We have managed the careers of hundreds of fashion and commercial models, and we fully understand the various aspects of the modelling industry, from contract negotiations, the relationships between international and parent agencies, travel arrangements, overseas accommodations, work visas abroad and more. Here are some Model Advice to become a teen model.

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